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Hair So Real


Hair Loss Cause

Hair Loss (genetic) - Male and female pattern hair loss involves the regression of true or thick & normal hairs back to thin, colourless, almost invisible baby hair. This is the hair loss cause for 95% of men and woman who are going bald. This type of hair loss is what most of us refer to as hair loss, but this is not the only cause of hair loss, just the most common. Other causes of hair loss are described below. Knowing which type of hair loss applies to you is your best chance of finding the right hair loss treatment.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male Pattern Hair Loss - Fifty percent of men suffer noticeable hair loss by age fifty. It characteristically appears after the onset of puberty and peaks in the twenty-one to forty-five age group. The actual hair loss pattern and types of loss can vary. Hair loss can begin in the back (crown) or in the front (hairline) and can progress to complete hair loss on top, sparing the back and sides.

Hair Loss Woman

Hair Loss in woman is more common than you may think. It is estimated that approximately 20 million women suffer some degree of hair loss. Like Male pattern hair loss, female hair pattern hair loss is genetic in nature. It is important to rule out more serios causes of hair loss such as thryroid disease, anemia and other forms of alopecia.

Widening of the part may be te first evidence of genetic hair loss in a female, whether it is the center of the scalp or on the side. In this case the usual thin, often whitish, scalp that is normally visible expands on each side, making the part more of a thinning zone. In general the hairs that will become extinct are not all grouped together, but are instead interspersed between active growing hairs. This type of hair loss creates a veil effect. This allows us to see through the thinning hair, especially in bright light and when wet.

Other Hair Loss Causes

Other Hair Loss Causes - Certain illnesses can result in hair loss. Hormone irregularities can include hair loss among other symptoms. Certain skin infections can also result in hair loss, but this type of hair loss tends to be short-lived and usually not permanent. Trauma including burns and injury to hair follicles however, can cause permanent hair loss.


This is a hair loss condition affecting both men and women. It usually occurs in a person who constantly twirls his or her hair with one hand while they are talking, reading, writing... These actions cause an inflammatory reaction at the hair follicle from the constant tugging and pulling. This may cause permanent hair loss in an uneven random pattern. Trichotillomania can occur in any hair-bearing area.

Traction Hair Loss

Traction alopecia is caused by tight braiding or cornrowing hair over a long period of time. This constant traction causes the same result as trichotillomania, that is, inflammation and eventually permanent hair loss. This condition is seen in many African-American who use tight braids.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is thought to be an autoimmune reaction where the body actually attacks itself and destroys the hair follicle. This hair loss condition is probably stress-related and causes circular patchy areas of hair loss rather than the typical pattern hair loss seen in genetic balding.

Drugs That Cause Hair Loss

blood thinners such as Coumadin
medication that slows thyroid function can sometimes cause hair loss
chemotherapy drugs
antidepressants such as lithium
oral contraceptives can cause hair loss
Some high blood pressure medications such as ACE-inhibitors
These are some of the more common drugs that can cause hair loss.

HairSoReal can help all of these conditions

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